Large Format Printing

Grand Rapids Large Format Printing

Large & grand format on any substrate on any size at high volumes available

When your HP office printer won't cut it, who do you call? Large format printing comes in many forms like roll to roll solvent based wide format printers, Direct print UV flat bed printing, dye sublimation printing for fabrics and it's big brother grand format printing. These processes vary in methods but deliver the same end results; large images on large substrates and surfaces. Large format printing is based on digital files unlike it's traditional predecessor offset printing, which uses custom made plates combined with inks to press the ink on plate images and then onto the printing surface. Each type of large format printing has it's common applications that can help businesses in promoting their brand.

Flat bed printing allows us to print directly to the surface of most types of substrates like metal, wood, plastic, PVC, glass and other surface types. Our UV flat bed printer can print up to a 4' x 8' substrate with no dry time needed. High volume projects like in-store POP displays are a great example of what a flat bed printer can do.

Large format dye-sublimation printing is ideal for large fabric backdrops or banners which require flexible material. We can print up to 10' wide seamless with any type of finishing required like pole pockets with hems and grommeting if needed.

Our roll to roll solvent printer is normally used to produce all the vehicle wrap graphics, large banners and other signage that comes out of our shop. The media available to this printer is varied and includes; clear vinyl, floor vinyl, etched vinyl, removable vinyl, permanent vinyl, perforrated vinyl, canvas and retractable films. Some projects require a print to cut method which involves printing, laminating and cutting out the print for a custom contour decal.

Printing in large scale is one of our core competencies and we aren't shy about telling you that we deliver results. Our products will grow your business, so give us a call or send a message and we can help you take your creative projects to the next level.