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Clip art won't cut it in today's market. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising to today's savy consumer. We see these ads on televsion, web and in print publications and are more than likely swayed to beleive that our lives could be better with their service or product. There are thousands of books and college classes that could explain why we are influenced by these ads, but in our business of image management it is quite simple. We don't do TV or radio ads, but we are masters of the static image effect on the brain.

The development of desktop publishing as it was once called in the begining of digital media, has come a long way. As the computer improved in capacity and speed, it's use in delivering the ever present need for visual communication between consumers and markets pushed the development of software that turned graphic design into a digital discipline, leaving traditional methods in the past. Although we still sketch out your ideas with pad and paper the final result is delivered with a polished digital version that can be used across all mediums.

What does your business card look like? How about your brochures? Don't make the mistake in thinking that your "look" doesn't matter. There have been many who have said that they don't see what difference it would make to update their branding and image. Those are the same that never saw the increase in sales and the benefits of being in touch with their audience. Don't be that company. Make your impression last and invest in your image through creative graphic design from ZR Graphics.

We can help you with your business card, brochure, catalog, letter head, branding, and logo design. Schedule a visit with our design staff and let us help you make an impact on your market.