Digital & Offset Printing

Holland MI Offset Printing

Our history goes back more than 100 years. What can ZR do for you?

What does your business card look like? Offset printing is a traditional form of document replication that has roots in ancient chinease culture in the form of woodblock printing. Ever since then humanity has progressed into the present form of offset printing that is still in use today that incorporates the physical transfer of ink on plates to the printing surface. Newspapers have traditionally been printed using various offset printing machines and continue to do so. There are some applications where offset printing out performs it's digital counterpart in the use of ink/high volumes versus digital laserprinting

Offset requires set up fees that digital printing doesn't which gives digital a clear advantage when cost and low volumes are factors. Print quality is comparable if not better on a digital printer when it comes to reproducing your document in full color or black and white. It really depends on your needs. We are pleased to offer full service offset printing when the need arises and will steer you in the best direction depending your on printing project. Finishing, binding, stapling, folding and cutting are available for all your printing needs.


Our offset production is ready to handle any type of document project including; brochures, posters, catalogs, mailers, order pads, letterhead, booklets & business cards in ANY VOLUME. Additional offset services include

  • Sheet-fed volume printing
  • Range of paper finishes and coatings
  • Low minimum full color and finishing orders
  • Mailers
  • Index tabs and dividers
  • Collation, binding and shipping